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I obtained my PhD from University of Michigan CSE co-advised by Prof. Mike Cafarella and Prof. H. V. Jagadish (jag). I am particularly interested in building interactive data preparation systems (like data cleaning, data integration, etc.) to improve productivity of data scientists/analysts, programmers and non-expert data users using techniques like inductive program synthesis, heuristics and machine learning guided combinatorial search, data profiling. In Spring 2019, I interned in Microsoft Research DMX lab mented by Yeye He. In Summer 2017, I interned in Trifacta working on string data pattern normalization mentored by Sean Kandel, Mike Minar, and Prof. Joe Hellerstein. The work was integrated into Trifacta Cloud Wrangler launched in 08/2018. I received B.S. degrees in computer science and mathematics from Purdue University. Before transfering to Purdue, I studied EE for two years in Tianjin University in China. Please check my CV for more details.

NEW! Our Query Engine team at ByteDance/TikTok US is actively hiring software/data engineers at all levels. Feel free to DM me for more info.


Foofah (video)

SIGMOD'17 · SIGMOD'17 Demo

Foofah performs data transformation/cleaning through programming by examples (PBE), which requires little domain knowledge from non-expert users. It efficiently discovers a sequence of parameterized data wrangling actions which guarantee to transform the raw data into the example form provided by the end user using a combinatorial search algorithm guided by the proposed distance metric customized for spreadsheets. The user interaction time is reduced by ~60% compared to the seminal Wrangler system. The system is open-sourced at https://github.com/umich-dbgroup/foofah/.

CLX (Click-label-and-transform; pronouced as "Clicks")


Designed and implemented CLX, an interactive data cleaning system. CLX 1) automatically identifies regular-expression-like data patterns for a given set of string data with heterogeneous data patterns for non-expert users to understand, and 2) suggests pattern-based transformation programs to unify various data patterns. The work was integrated to Trifacta Cloud Wrangler as a main feature in Aug 2018 and available at https://cloud.trifacta.com/.

MithraCoverage (video)

ICDE'19 · SIGMOD'20 Demo

The system efficiently discovers under-represented/under-covered intersectional subgroups in a given dataset (e.g., a medical dataset may lack data records from a subgroup of "Hispanic women"), which may cause the problem of population bias. MithraCoverage also suggests a ranked list of subgroups in which the user could collect more data entries to remedy the above issue and ensure data fairness.

PRISM (video)


The system infers SQL queries using imprecise and/or incomplete user examples from the target table the user desires from a relational database. The query discovery uses a bottom-up search-based algorithm and a filter-based validation process driven by a Bayesian network which reduces the overall number of query executions on the source database by ~70%.


SIGMOD'20 · CIDR'20 · CAST@VLDB 2019

Duoquest is a dual-specification query synthesis system, which consumes both a Natural Language Query and an optional PBE-like table sketch query that enables users to express varied levels of knowledge about the desired SQL and schema.


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